Project Description

The Great Scott Trio

The Great Scott Trio is a mixed use building on the corner of NE 7th Avenue and Burnside Street in Portland, we have been working on it with Guerrilla Development. The building contains 36 small studio apartments, a portion of which will be dedicated to 18 year olds exiting the foster care system, as well as a fully accessible live/work unit. The building is fronted by an iconic arcade walkway and backed by a plaza, joining it with the existing building to the north. Sustainable design features include solar panels and green roof for the entire roof, an unconditioned lobby, and large expanses of highly operable windows to allow for users to choose the amount of natural ventilation for their units. The courtyard has native trees and plantings, and is open to the sky, offering views of nature to each occupant as they exit their unit. Located in a historic area of Portland with a design overlay zone, our design received a 6-1 approval vote from the Portland Design Commission.