By Crystal Glanz-Kreutz

We may not be shifting into a Design / Build firm, but we do have a creative, industrious, and DIY spirit; something that continues to show itself in our “side projects”.
Presenting the before and after images of our Breakroom Refresh; a completely staff led project. This was designed in the summer of 2022 and executed in the summer of 2023. After we completed our Boardroom Refresh last year, we knew that our office needed even more personalization and COLOR. These colors are (or are complementary to) our company colors, with movement, motion and graphic shapes that not only pair well with our logo, but also fit right into this active space. This area of our office is full of life; from brewing coffee in the morning, to sharing one of our family-style lunches, and especially when one of our ping pong tournaments is commencing. 
Coming soon, we’ll be adding a quote over the sink: “Those who serve well seldom lose.” Which is a cheeky nod to our ping pong games but also rooted in what we do and who we are as a company; prioritizing community and pro bono work in our day to day operations.