Written by Joe Purkey

Over the summer of 2022, I left the Convergence office to go on sabbatical. Of the three principals here, I was the first to take an extended break away from the office, our business, and the tasks of daily life in order to travel. I visited Europe for the first time and spent time in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France and came back inspired by the beauty I experienced.

The following is a collection of images from my time away: Arches, gates, and doors. I find transition points some of the most evocative parts of the built environment. There are a variety of materials used; wood, stone, and metal, as well as several design motifs; traditional, floral, geometric, and abstract. There are so many differences that the similarities might start to get lost. Think of the potential each portal makes you imagine while you scroll through and enjoy your virtual tour through Europe via these photos.