We have a series of blog posts where each person here at Convergence shares an image that influenced/ inspired them to join the architecture/ design field. The image can be whatever strikes the person’s fancy- a building, a park, a scenic image, a design motif or detailing… any visual representation that can help to share a bit of insight into how and why the person got into this field and the work that we do.

Today, Alisa is sharing her inspirational image.

150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas – Book by Francesc Zamora Mola

A few years ago my family stayed at the Alexandra Ellis Caring Cabin after bidding on a stay through the Children’s Cancer Association auction.  “On average 40 friends and family members visit CCAs beautiful Caring Cabin hideaway on the Oregon Coast each month.” I was in awe of the care and thought put into designing this beautiful home, built with the sole purpose of giving families with critically ill children a place to recharge and create memories to last a lifetime.  Huge windows and numerous outdoor spaces help connect guests with nature, both inside and outside of the home.  Staying there for a few days really hit home to me how the built environment can spark joy and help bring people together.

Not long after my stay at the Caring Cabin I stumbled upon the book “150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas”.  I spent hours poring over the various cabin designs and associated floor plans in the book.  I’ve always loved trying to figure out the floorplan of a building by piecing together photos or walking around it in real life (in fact this was a favorite activity of mine as a child).  Always curious what’s behind a wall and how rooms connect to one another.  After realizing how transported I was envisioning these buildings in my mind, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue the career in architectural design that I first considered as a teenager.  While cottages may be fun to dream about, what I am most interested in is designing safe and inclusive spaces that nurture and connect people.  Creating a little bit of wonder in the process is icing on the cake.