Established in 2017, the St Johns Museum has made good strides towards being a valuable part of the community. Convergence Architecture has been proud to be one of the founders and a major supporter to this day. While the Museum does not have a traditional brick and mortar presence, it does have a good number of artifacts, photos, and stories about the area. Photos above were taken by Deanna Cantrell Photography and are from the 2018 Sneak Peek event, the first event that the Museum held. Recently, the Museum made a big move to become a non-profit organization.

The museum was originally under the St. Johns Center for Opportunity (SJCO) for its non-profit status. After the reorganization of SJCO in 2020, they determined that it was no longer feasible to maintain the non-profit status of other organizations, and so co-chairs Maria Bubriski and Barb Anderson undertook the effort to create bylaws and to apply to the Department of Justice and the IRS to fulfill the requirements to establish the St Johns Museum as its own 501(c)(3). Once that tax status was established, the museum was able to set up their own bank account with our local credit union.

With these big efforts completed, Maria and Barb are looking to help the organization continue to progress and grow. The organization is currently seeking volunteers to move programs forward, including the following:

  • Find funding for a part time director,
  • coordinate another sneak peek museum day,
  • fill board positions (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, At-Large, etc. are available),
  • ongoing bookkeeping,
  • prepare the 2021 tax filing,
  • and more!

If you have an area of expertise or interest, there is likely a place for you! Contact for more information.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, but you would like to contribute to the museum, please consider making a donation. In addition to wanting to establish a permanent home for the museum, there are museum expenses like paying for the website that are recurring and need funding. Please consider joining Convergence in supporting the St. Johns Museum by making a gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 or any amount that is meaningful to you. You can send a check made payable to:

St. Johns Museum
7302 N Richmond Ave.
Portland, OR 97203.
Please note: the 501c3 tax number is: 87-1244897.
If you’d like to know more about how the St. Johns Museum was started, you can also read our previous blog post about it here.