Written by Kristie Van Boxtel

Fun was had at the Alpaca Affair of the year!

Convergence Architecture gathered the herd together – employees, families, an alpaca and fellow building-folk, to partake in fellowship, food and fun for an end-of-the-year event. That’s right, an alpaca from Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas! Jean-Pierre (“JP”) was his name.

We were fortunate to catch a sunny December day to gather in the parking lot and enjoy corn hole, alpaca hugs and “carrot kisses”, and warm up by the fire pits with hot cider and cocoa. Smoke from the fire pits became a little intense from time to time, but this encouraged continued mingling and shuffling around of party-goers. Guests enjoyed local fare from St. Johns Deli, Sparrow Bakery, The Great North and New Seasons, plus homemade alpaca and carrot-shaped cookies.

JP was well-trained and stood calmly as people came up to pet his soft, thick fur, take photos, and to feed him carrots from their hands, or straight from their mouth to his! He was a trooper, dressed as a reindeer with red antlers while modeling a gray ‘Convergence Architecture’ bandana around his neck. He’s basically the company mascot now!

After yet another “pandemic-year”, it was enjoyable to leave our homes and take a break from work to visit with others, share conversation and laughs and create memories together.