Small stone temple in Patan

The Garden of Dreams – the gardens of a 19th century palace now a public park in center of Kathmandu.

A Durbar (town) square in Patan.

Carved Makara motif over a doorway. The makara is a sea monster that is depicted in many ways in the architecture Hindu and Buddhist buildings throughout Asia.

Painted Kirtimukha and Makara lintel over doorway. The kirtimukha is the fierce face at the top of the arch.  It is always depicted eating or swallowing something.  It is also depicted in Hindu and Buddhist buildings throughout Asia.

Windows in Royal Palace in Patan. A beautiful example of the local brick and wood Newa architecture.

A temple in Bhahktapour being rebuilt from the 2015 earthquake.

Side street in Bhahktapour.

Walkway above courtyard of Royal Palace in Patan.

Corner building in Patan.

Small stupa on Swayambhu.

Swayambhu is an ancient religious architecture atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley, west of Kathmandu city.