Written by Crystal Glanz-Kreutz

Desk Bling? It may sound a little silly, but what I’m referring to isn’t a bedazzled desktop or sequin encrusted monitors; it’s all the little mementos and such that people have at their desks. Maybe it is because we’re in a creative industry, or maybe it’s just because of the group of people that we have working here in our office, but if you look around our work area, you will see that we have a good selection of “desk bling”. I asked everyone who was interested to tell me a bit about the items at their desks and why they are there… I thought that it might be a fun and interesting way to get to know our employees a little bit more. Here’s what I was told…

Barb says: “I love my flip calendar that I keep on my desk. I got it from a friend for my birthday about six years ago, and it’s been on my desk ever since. I love that it adds color and is fun, it’s easy to update to be current, unlike many calendars it is designed to be used for forever (not just a one-year thing) and it’s designed well enough that even after all these years it is still in good condition. Best of all, I can update how I’m feeling – though 99% of the time it is on the smiley face!”

From Monica: “I think my favorite item is my Hood to Coast cowbell — it was given to me as a joke from one of my colleagues at my previous firm. The first time I ran Hood to Coast with the firm, my colleague jokingly told me that newbies had to wear a cowbell…which I kind of believed at first! After the event, I earned the actual cowbell. Joke’s on me!”

Adam’s reply: “I have a collection of buttons at my desk including political buttons, transit buttons, and bicycle themed buttons. I would probably put them on clothing or bags more often to show them off except they’re here on my pencil cup at my desk.”

Joe’s response: “My Swingline. I think of Milton from the movie Office Space every time I look at it. It also works really well and is worth fighting to keep on my desk. I do draw the line well before burning the office down, though.”

Maria says” “It’s important to me to have desk swag that represents moments in my life and my home, so I can always recenter myself when I hit a wall. With guidance from Budda and my spirit animals, I use the energy to persevere just like the Detroit Lions!”

And finally, my desk. I have a couple of figurines, The Tick and American Maid, as my side kicks. (The Tick has sadly lost an antennae because I’ll often loan out my figurines when kiddos come visit the office.) For those not familiar, the Tick is a hilarious character who is positive and perseveres, and these little figures remind me to never take anything too seriously.