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We have a series of blog posts where each person here at Convergence shares an image that influenced/ inspired them to join the architecture/ design field. The image can be whatever strikes the person’s fancy- a building, a park, a scenic image, a design motif or detailing… any visual representation that can help to share a bit of insight into how and why the person got into this field and the work that we do.

Today, Kristie is sharing her inspirational image.

I grew up on an island in the pacific northwest, and riding the ferry boat was a frequent occurrence. I looked forward to running upstairs to the passenger deck so I could scour the free magazine rack for house plan booklets. I’d study them cover to cover, tagging my favorites and imagining which layout would be ideal for myself and my future family. I considered exterior aesthetics, overall flow, spatial proportions and relationships and how I perceived that would affect the feel upon entering each room… This early interest in the built environment at floor plan level is what propelled me to eventually study interior design.


We occupy built environments at varying durations depending on purpose–think post office or grocery store visits compared to offices where we might work all day (at least pre-pandemic!) and homes where we live. I believe spaces that flow intuitively and efficiently and are pleasing and comfortable help put us at ease and set us up for being the best version of ourselves. This is one of the goals I strive to elicit through interior design. After all, if you felt uncomfortable or unsafe on this ferry boat, would you be able to look out and thoroughly enjoy and take in the beautiful surroundings?

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