Like many businesses, at the end of each year, we like to host a holiday gathering for our team. In years past, we have had afternoons of board games, trivia questions, and last year we got serious- setting up a bracketed ping pong tournament. No matter the activity, food and drink, music in the background, and a celebratory atmosphere are always a common theme. The end of the year can often feel like a marathon and it is nice to reconnect and relax as a team before the vacation days start up.

This year was no different- it has certainly felt like a marathon! In a year of a global pandemic, with most of our team working from home; “gatherings” look a little different. This year, we held our first ever virtual holiday party. Thanks to the availability of at-home grocery delivery, we were able to have gingerbread kits sent to everyone, and on Monday, 12/14/2020 we all joined together on a Google Meet to enjoy our lunches and compete in a Gingerbread Design-Build Competition. As it turns out, true to our team’s collaborative nature, we were not competitive, but we did all have fun and a few giggles.

  • Can we submit a substitution request for a better binding agent, since the boxed icing didn’t stand up to our quality control standards?
  • How DID someone manage to build a gingerbread replica of Fallingwater?
  • How DO you get a structural review of a gingerbread structure?
  • Can we use subconsultants to deal with our lateral designs? (several structures collapsed mid-construction)

Whatever your circumstances, we hope that each of you were able to glean some goodness out of 2020. We are so appreciative to be here thriving, as a team and as a small business. All the best from everyone here at Convergence Architecture~
Happy Holidays!