By Christa Holden

As you know and if you don’t let me tell you, on November 11th of 2017 my buddy and colleague Adam and I volunteered and helped raise a timber frame for the Mt Angel Abbey Benedictine Brewery with the organized guidance of New Energy Works Timberframing. Also helping out were local timberframers from the surrounding area and Trillium Dell, an Illinois company helping lead and educate the way for timberframers, not to mention the mass of community that came out to lend some muscle as well.

About one year later on December 1st of 2019 we were invited back to see the finished building all sealed and cladded for our human creature comforts with a patio overlooking the hops fields below as mentioned in my original blog on this topic. Inside, you find a row of windows with seating, opening the interior view out to the same hops field that can be viewed from the patio. The tap bar sits between you with that gorgeous view and the room where all the magic happens, the brewery. After snacks and complimentary beer for our efforts, Benedictine Father and Master Brewer Martin Grassel, led us through a tour and talk on the inner workings of the brewery that we all helped build. It was a great turn out and many of the friends we made the year before were there helping christen and reconnect a sacred bond between human, craft, and beer! Salud!