This is the second in our series of posts where each person here at Convergence shares an image that influenced/ inspired them to join the architecture/ design field.

The image can be whatever strikes the person’s fancy- a building, a park, a scenic image, a design motif or detailing… any visual representation that can help to share a bit of insight into how and why the person got into this field and the work that we do.

Today, Christa is sharing her inspirational image.

“My draw to architecture was something intuitive and natural that came to me as far back as I can remember. As a child, I would spend time analyzing buildings and how rooms and walls line up, any exposed structure, as well as the overall spacial experience. I would also draw and design buildings of my own and built many forts with my brothers out of found materials. When it came time to choose an academic path, Architecture made sense to me. During a critique with a professor in my senior architecture studio, inspired by the way my project cut into it’s site, he suggested I look up Machu Picchu, a 15th-century Inca citadel. Coincidentally, serendipitously, (whatever you want to call it) as fate would have it, that week with no mention of the conversation with my professor I received a copy of Smithsonian Magazine featuring Machu Picchu on it’s cover! It was from an aunt with a letter that said she saw this magazine and thought of me and felt inclined to mail me a copy. This was an inspiring coincidence that I think sums up my love and intuition for the built environment and more specifically it’s response/relationship to the natural world and planet that governs us.”