This is the third in our series of posts where each person here at Convergence shares an image that influenced/ inspired them to join the architecture/ design field.

The image can be whatever strikes the person’s fancy- a building, a park, a scenic image, a design motif or detailing… any visual representation that can help to share a bit of insight into how and why the person got into this field and the work that we do.

Today, Crystal is sharing her inspirational image.


My image is of the Fennell Residence, designed by Robert Oshatz. For a few of my teenage years, I lived in a floating home on the Columbia River. So, perhaps more than most, I can appreciate the challenges of river life and also in this case, how this design emphasizes the pros and minimizes the cons.
Years later, while in my perspective drawings class, we were asked to choose any structure anywhere in the world, to draw it as is and then to improve upon the design. I chose this home, and oddly enough, a classmate of mine did as well. This chance decision was the beginning of our friendship, which we’ve continued in the years after school and I now claim her as one of my nearest and dearest friends.
The icing on the cake, what really makes me love this home, are all of the sustainable choices made- The passive ventilation, the use of glulam beams, the natural light… etc. To me, it is simply beautiful. (Here’s a picture of the interior, too…  because it’s pretty fantastic.)